We are going to be holding a survival weekend! This is not your normal “this is how to do it” weekend, this is the real thing and you will have to survive from 6pm Friday 24th February to 12 noon Sunday 26th February. You will learn how to not only survive but be comfortable and work as a team. A full kit list of what you will be allowed to bring will be supplied when booking.

For anyone who feels they need training to prepare for this event, we will be holding a survival training day on the 18th February at £20 per person. This will cover all the essential skills required to get the most out of the main event.

This is open to everyone young and old, club members and non-members. Minimum age is 8 years accompanied by a parent/guardian. Without a parent/guardian, minimum age is 8 years if club member or 12 years if not.

The cost for the weekend is £110 for one person. To book in a group, the cost will be £110 for the first person plus £60 for every extra person in the group.

To book, contact Sgt Mack on 07774022122 or 01908663016, or e-mail us at


Please note that this event is certainly not for the faint of heart! This is a very challenging and demanding experience, as you will be short on food, water, shelter and equipment. Special Ops MK staff will however be present for safety and to offer advice. You will be set a number of survival-based tasks (such as the construction of a shelter or making a fire) that will earn you rewards in the form of food or equipment to assist you on this event.

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